Finnish FSA gives a favourable interpretation on shares – Financial Statements 2018 published

The Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority (FSA) gave on Friday 29 March its interpretation in a matter that from OPR-Finance’s point of view has been a question whether the system requires a Credit Institution authorisation from the Company. According to the interpretation, the authorisation is required but it will apply only from 30 September 2019. The interpretation does not apply to shares issued prior to the date of application of the interpretation.

The decision is favourable to OPR-Finance. The Company does not have Credit Institution authorisation but all public shares have been issued prior to year 2018. The interpretation by the FSA does not require actions from investors and it does not have any impact to the investments.

The Financial Statements for 2018 have been published and are available below. The document is only available in Finnish.

OPR-Finance Oy – Financial Statements 2018 (available only in Finnish)