Redemptions and dividend payments of the preferred shares are exceptionally suspended for the moment. Additional information about the topic can be acquired from releases sent to preferred share owners (only in Finnish). Due to the abnormal situation, some parts of the website content might be in conflict with the current situation (2/2021).

What do you do with the investments you have collected?

We use the investments to fund our financing business and its growth. A part of OPR-Finance Oy’s funding comes from capital markets, a portion from financial institutions, a portion from Tuottoa.fi service, along with the company’s own retained profits. Thus, the investments we have collected form a portion of our company’s funds from outside sources.

Are the funds I have invested covered by deposit guarantee?

No, they are not. The money you have invested is not a deposit but an investment in stock.

What types of risks lie in my investment?

Our business is well-established, profitable, and growing under control. Suomen Asiakastieto Oy has given us a certificate proving we are one of the strongest companies in Finland. As with all investments in stock, there lies the risk of not being able to redeem the stock or that no dividend can be paid out. In stocks there is always the possibility that the value may decrease. Your investment is not capital-protected.

How can you assure that my investment will be preserved?

Using multiple sources in financing is one of our company’s strengths. The company aims to make sure that it has enough equity relative to debt.

Can I have a guarantee for my investment?

No, you cannot.

Where can I find up-to-date information on the financial situation of your company?

The most recent quarterly earnings reports and audited group accounts are for all to see and can be found on our webpage (see Information for the investor) without the need to log in. The reviews include all the relevant financial information as well as the CEO’s review on the company’s business.

How can I make an investment?

We do not accept new investments.

What is the length of the investment?

Your investment is an open-end investment and you may quit investing at any time by making a request for stock redemption with the sell button found in our service. This means you cannot make an investment for a set period of time.

How does the length of the investment influence the amount of yield?

For a longer investment we pay a higher yield. When the length of your investment has reached the limit of 3 months, the yield will increase from 2 % to 4% for the total time of the investment. When the length of your investment has reached the limit of 6 months, the yield will increase to 6% for the total time of the investment. When the yield percentage increases, the monthly yield paid out to your account also reaches a new level. As you go up a level, the yield received months earlier will be added up according to the new level in the next monthly payment.

Where can I see the amount of investments I have?

You can find all the information on your investments by logging in to our service.

How can I quit investing?

Log in to our service, find the sell button, and press it. By pressing the sell button you quit investing, and we return the funds you have invested to your according to the terms of redemption. The company cannot commit to redeem E-series shares like with the precedent share series. This is due to the new interpretation of the law by the Financial Supervisory Authority, which it started to apply in the beginning of September 2019. We redeem shares within the rules set in Limited Liability Companies Act.

After I have informed you about quitting investing, how fast will the money be back on my account?

We will aim to transfer the original capital and the non-paid yield to your bank account in 14 days from the day you informed us about quitting.

Will you be charging any fees for my investments?

No, we won’t. Making an investment is free of charge. We do not charge any opening, managing, or other fees.

Can I make several investments?

Yes, you can make several investments. If you wish to invest a larger amount in a single investment, please contact our customer service.

Can companies and communities make investments?

Yes, they can. Log in to the service with your own personal user ID and create an account for your company that is linked to your own personal account. When you make an investment, you can choose whether you make the investment to your personal account or your company’s account.

How often will the dividend be paid to my account?

We will pay out dividend to your account monthly. The dividend for each calendar month will be paid to your account by the 5th business day of the following month. To pay the dividend, the company needs to have profits eligible for distribution.

Will I have to pay capital income tax or withholding tax for the investments?

The yield you receive from the investment is dividend income received from an unlisted company. According to Finnish law, dividend income received by an individual from an unlisted company is 25% taxable capital income and 75% tax-free for a yield of up to 7% calculated for the mathematical value (net worth / outstanding shares) of the stock in the running tax year, but not exceeding €150,000.

OPR-Finance withholds PAYE (pay as you earn) of 7.5% of the paid-out dividend per the tax collector’s instructions.

A person with limited tax liability (a Finnish citizen who lives more than 6 months abroad) is charged withholding tax. The amount depends on the country of residence. If a natural person living in the European Economic Area does not receive refunds for the Finnish taxes in the running or in the following tax years in their country of residence, they may, if they so wish, request the Finnish Tax Administration that the dividend received from Finland will be taxed in the same manner as with a person with common tax liability.

Will there be a lot of extra work with my tax return?

It is our duty to directly report to the tax collector the dividends we have paid out, and the information should be printed out on the pre-completed tax return form.

Can I pledge or transfer my investment to a third party?

No, you cannot. If the investment is transferred to a third party, the stocks become Series D stocks without any right to receive dividend. If you would like to let go of your investments, let us know by pressing the sell button in our online service and we will transfer the money back to you.

Do I have to pay transfer tax?

No, you do not. Transfer tax is not collected for the subscription of new stocks. OPR-Finance Oy pays the transfer tax in its entirety when the stocks are redeemed.

What happens to the investment if the investor dies?

If the investor dies, the investment automatically becomes a part of the estate of the deceased. The administrator of the estate is in charge of the estate and may quit the investment. If the personal online banking ID of the deceased is not valid anymore, the administrator can contact our customer service so we can start taking the steps needed to return the invested funds.

More questions?

Please, contact us tuottoa@opr-finance.fi