The Tuottoa.fi service serves our investors

Acceptance of new investments ended on 16 November 2017. The decision does not impact your current Series B or C stock, which will remain in your possession and generate dividends as before.

The minimum investment is €1,000

No time limits, and you may quit investing at any time

3–7% yield depending on the length of your investment

Dividend is paid out monthly

No opening, managing, or other fees

An investment in stock is not a deposit and is not covered by deposit guarantee

Your investment is not capital-protected

To its receiver, dividend income is 25% taxable capital income and 75% tax-free when the amount of the dividend income received from unlisted companies does not exceed €150,000.

If the taxable capital income of the investor is €30,000 at most, the effective tax rate for the investor is 7.5%. For more than €30,000 the effective tax rate is 8.25%.

You can make investments in our Tuottoa.fi service by subscribing privileged Series B/C OPR-Finance Oy stocks which are issued to the public. 

The investments have no time limit. OPR-Finance Oy pays out a monthly dividend for the investments. The investment is a permanent investment in stock, which the investor may terminate at any time by making a redemption request with the sell button found in our online service. OPR-Finance Oy will redeem stock at the price of issue. This way the investor receives their income in the form of dividend income, not through the increase of stock value.

The collected investments are used by OPR-Finance Oy for financing its business. A part of the funds from outside sources comes from business partners, such as banks and financial institutions, and another part comes from the online service at tuottoa.fi. The investor receives a competitive yield and OPR-Finance Oy receives funds to run the business.

Investments in stock are equity, not deposits. Thus they are not covered by deposit guarantee. In addition, your investments are not capital-protected.

We invite the investors at Tuottoa.fi to enjoy dividend income, not to take part in the administration of the company. The Series B/C stocks are non-voting stocks, and they do not carry any other rights outside the minimum rights listed by the Limited Liability Companies Act of Finland. Thus, apart from the right to receive dividend, the Series B/C stocks do not carry any other rights. The B/C stock is transferrable only in very limited cases and is not to be used as collateral. The dividend paid for the investment is privileged over that paid to OPR Finance Oy common stocks. In order to pay out dividend, the company must have distributable funds.

The issue of Series B stocks was discontinued on December 31, 2014, and they are no longer available for subscription.

OPR-Finance Oy offers up-to-date information on its financial results, including quarterly earnings reports and financial statements, on these pages. To use the online service, a strong electronic identification is required. This is easily done by using your personal online bank user ID.

For questions, contact us tuottoa@opr-finance.fi