We give out an open, up-to-date, and transparent picture of the financial state of the company and the development of our business.

We report quarterly on the company’s performance to the investors. Quarterly earnings reports and financial statements can be found on these pages without the need to log in to the online service. The quarterly earnings reports are not audited and therefore not comparable to interim accounts.

You can learn more about the Articles of Association of OPR-Finance Oy here.

Redemptions and dividend payments of the preferred shares are exceptionally suspended for the moment. Additional information about the topic can be acquired from releases sent to preferred share owners (only in Finnish). Due to the abnormal situation, some parts of the website content might be in conflict with the current situation (2/2021).

Should you have any questions, you may contact tuottoa@opr-finance.fi.

Debt investors

OPR-Finance has issued a EUR 40 million hybrid bond on November 17th, 2017. The coupon of the hybrid bond is 10,75 per cent per annum, but it will be subject to a coupon reset on 3,25 years after issuance, and thereafter every 3 years.
The hybrid bond does not have a specified maturity date, but OPR-Finance is entitled to redeem the hybrid bond for the first time after 3,25 years of the issue date, and subsequently, on each semi-annual coupon interest payment date.

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Information on the taxation of the investment

The yield received from your investment in our stock is dividend, which is taxed as dividend income.

Dividends from unlisted companies received by a natural person or the estate of a deceased person is regarded as capital income when the dividend income is at maximum 8% yearly yield of the mathematical value of the stocks owned by the investor.

Dividends from companies whose shares are not officially listed on stock exchanges are taxed so that when the yearly yield corresponds to 8% of the stock’s mathematical value but is not more than €150,000, 25% of it is taxable capital income. If the yield in euros is more than €150,000, the dividend is 85% taxable capital income for the exceeding amount. If the yield is more than 8% of the mathematical value, the dividend is 75% taxable capital income for the exceeding amount.

The mathematical value of the stock is calculated based on the company’s net worth in the year before the running tax year by dividing the company’s net worth (funds – debts) on the date of closure of the accounts with the number of outstanding shares. Stocks redeemed by the company or acquired in some other way are not included in the calculation.

For more information, see the website of the Taxpayers Association of Finland (TAF).