The Tuottoa.fi service serves our investors

Redemptions and dividend payments of the preferred shares are exceptionally suspended for the moment. Additional information about the topic can be acquired from releases sent to preferred share owners (only in Finnish). Due to the abnormal situation, some parts of the website content might be in conflict with the current situation (2/2021).

Tuottoa.fi service targeted to external investors has operated already from 2011. Acceptance of new investments to B-, C- and E-series shares ended. Your shares will remain in your possession and keep generating dividends as before.

Dividend income from your investments will be paid to you monthly. We have paid over 18 million euros of dividends to tuottoa.fi investors.

It is important to us that our business is transparent, and we want our investors to rely on us. That is why we will provide you up-to-date information on company finances and the development of our business. We report on our growth to our investors quarterly, and, in addition, you are able to find our quarterly report and financial statement on these pages.