The Tuottoa.fi service serves our investors

Acceptance of new investments in the Tuottoa.fi stock program of OPR-Vakuus ended on 16 November 2017.

However, the Tuottoa.fi stock program will continue to serve investors as usual, and the change has no impact on your current Series B or C stock. Your shares will remain in your possession and keep generating dividends as before. You can still have your investment redeemed whenever you wish, and your investments will be returned as usual.

Dividend income from your investments will be paid to you monthly. 25% of your profits is investment income that is liable for taxation, 75% is tax-free income. In 2016, the amount of dividend paid from our investments was €2.55 million.

It is important to us that our business is transparent, and we want our investors to rely on us. That is why we will always provide you up-to-date information on company finances and the development of our business. We report on our growth to our investors quarterly, and, in addition, you are able to find our quarterly report and financial statement on these pages.