Our core values shape our daily work.

Our core values tell us what we can expect from one another and what our clients can expect from us.
Our core values also define what we truly believe in. They both inspire and guide us in our daily work and decision making.


We are a responsible and safe operator. To us, responsibility means openness, profitable business, and taking care of our employees, customers and stakeholders. We communicate our loan terms clearly and comprehensively as we look to be a responsible partner throughout the life span of the customer relationship. We abide by all the legislation and regulations, follow the principals of fair business activities and our reports on our business are transparent and thorough. We are committed to promoting the responsible practices of the field through our operations.


Satisfied customers are the key to our success and that is why we develop our services and operations from a customer driven viewpoint. We understand our customers’ various needs and life situations and provide them with high-quality customer service. Our Customer Service Promise guarantees that we work promptly and are flexible in order to provide the credit solution that suits our customers in their life circumstances. Thanks to our continuously trained staff, our customers always receive up-to-date information on our services.


Quality is the cornerstone of our operations. We invest in the development of our products and services by training our employees and by constantly developing our practices, processes and systems. In today’s quickly changing environment, we aim to ensure that our competence is always one step ahead of others. We foster the culture of encouragement, coaching and development. We appreciate all the feedback we receive.


We operate in four EU countries: Finland, Sweden, Netherlands and Czech Republic.
Thus our everyday work has an international dimension, and every client is as important, regardless of the area.