Loaning for businesses of all sizes and ages without unnecessary paperwork.

We understand the busy daily life of an entrepreneur and the difficulty of tackling changes in cash flow or other unexpected financial challenges. From us you can easily apply for additional loan for your company directly online – whenever it suits you best. No time-consuming appointments nor meetings in banks.

You can choose a business loan of up to 100 000 euros with a repayment period of 1–18 months. Or would you prefer a flexible credit better to suit your business needs? For example Yritysluotto Flex offers a credit limit of 2 000–20 000 euros which within you can make withdrawals to your company account as needed – either at once or in smaller installments.

The size or age of your company doesn’t matter – every company is welcome to us. So, if your business needs a balancing in its cash flow, turn to us. We will help your company the moment it needs it.


Applying for a OPR business loan like Yritysluotto is easy and quick through the online application without any time-consuming paper work. You will receive the decision shortly, usually on the same day.

The business loan service provides an easy solution to the company’s need for a quick loan. Our customers use loan for example, to make up for a surprising cash shortfall, working capital, purchases or to develop and grow business. Yritysluotto’s Customer satisfaction has long been at a high level with us, and we always provide customers with personalized service for their various business financing issues.

We now also offer a new kind of credit line product for small and medium-sized enterprises. Flexible business credit Flex joustoluotto is just as flexible as needed for your company. The credit account can be opened even if the company does not currently have an acute need for additional funding. The Flex joustoluotto credit is not activated until a withdrawal has been made.

Business credit Flex joustoluotto also serves as a flexible tool for additional financing. Interest and expenses are paid only on the credit that has been withdrawn and we do not charge management fees or other regular fees. The repayment of the credit is made in monthly instalments. The minimum monthly repayment is 4 % of the loan amount. The credit can also be repaid at once or in bigger instalments.


OPR-Finance Oy is an international company and we currently operate in four countries. We offer business loans in Finland, and also in Sweden, the Netherlands and Czech Republic. Our goal is to expand to new markets.