OPR-Finance strengthens its Board of Directors


General Meeting of OPR-Finance appointed Martin Backman as the Chairman of OPR-Finance’s board and strengthened its Board of Directors with three new members: Nermin Hairedin, Marko Hyvärinen and Sirpa-Helena Sormunen. Jari Ruuska, one of the main owners of OPR-Finance, and Richard Rosenius, former company CEO, both continue as Members of Board.

Board of Directors

Martin Backman, M.Sc. Technology and M.Sc. Economics, born 1969, has a strong financial background in international banking, private equity and corporate finance/investment companies in the Nordic countries. His latest position was President & CEO of Aktia Bank and prior that he worked three years as President & CEO of Finnish Industry Investment. Previous working experience further includes positions as Director and Managing Director at CVC Capital Partners, Director at Advium Corporate Finance and Deputy Director at Industri Kapital in Sweden, and five years at Lexel Group at Director level in Sweden and Denmark. During his career he has also held various Non-Executive Directorships as a Member or the Chair at companies across various industries.

Nermin Hairedin, M.Sc. Economics, born 1975, has a long career of digitalizing businesses within various B2B and B2C industries. Since 2013 she has acted as the CEO of Dentsu Aegis Networks, an international company engaged in providing branding, media and marketing services. She is the Board Chair of Carat, MKTG, Amnet, Posterscope and Vizeum, all subsidiaries at Dentsu Aegis Network. She is also Board Member at Örum, a company providing automotive parts and services. Prior to her current CEO role she held various strategy, digitalization and consumer sales & marketing positions at Nokia Corporation, Fonecta and Sonera.

Marko Hyvärinen, M.Sc. Technology and M.Sc. Economics, born 1969, has a strong financial experience and, since October 2017, acts as Chief Financial Officer and Senior Vice President at VR-Group. Prior that, he acted for two years as Senior Financial Counsellor at the Ownership Steering Department at the Prime Minister’s Office. His previous career includes positions at corporate finance and investment banking companies including 12 years at FIM Group as Group CFO and Partner, Managing Director at FIM Bank, Group Business Development Director and Corporate Finance Director and Partner. He has previous Non-Executive Directorship experience in hi-tech and defence businesses.

Richard Rosenius, M.Sc. Economics, born 1966, has a strong financial experience. He acted as CEO of OPR-Finance between 2006-2013. His previous career includes CFO and MD positions at Holiday Club Finland in 1993-1996, CFO and HR position at TAC Finland in 1997-2004 and CFO&HR position at Vendor Oy between 2004-2006. Since 2014 he has acted as entrepreneur and CEO of Defisan Hygienia.

Jari Ruuska, born 1965, co-founder of OPR-Finance Oy, has a strong experience as an entrepreneur from several industries. He has acted as CEO of OPR-Finance, Member of Board and Chairman of OPR-Finance’s Board.

Sirpa-Helena Sormunen, LL.M., born 1959, has a long and versatile legal career in international hi-tech and industrial businesses having held the top-level General Counsel position at Patria and prior to that, at Nokia Siemens Networks. Currently she acts as General Counsel and Executive Management Team Member as well as Secretary to the Board at Fortum, position she has held since 2014. Her previous experience includes eight years at Nokia, four years at TeliaSonera/Sonera and five years at UPM holding various managerial and legal positions with the responsibility of global legal teams. In addition, she has several years’ experience in M&A as well as in governance and compliance issues. She is a Board Member at Nammo AS.


OPR-Financen yhtiökokous on nimittänyt uudeksi hallituksen puheenjohtajaksi Martin Backmanin ja vahvistanut samalla hallitusta kolmella uudella jäsenellä. Uusi puheenjohtaja on Martin Backman ja uudet jäsenet ovat Nermin Hairedin, Marko Hyvärinen ja Sirpa-Helena Sormunen. Hallituksen entinen puheenjohtaja ja OPR-Financen toinen pääomistaja Jari Ruuska sekä yhtiön aiempi toimitusjohtaja Richard Rosenius, jatkavat molemmat hallituksen jäseninä.

OPR-Finance Oy:n hallitus

Martin Backman, puheenjohtaja

Nermin Hairedin, jäsen

Marko Hyvärinen, jäsen

Richard Rosenius, jäsen

Jari Ruuska, jäsen

Sirpa-Helena Sormunen, jäsen